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Enterprise Support (100 Hours)

Enterprise Support (100 Hours)

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S$ 10,999.00

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Enterprise Support (100 Man-Hours)
Technology consulting, Technofunctional Development, Infrastructure Architecture and Digital Marketing Services

To purchase support in a different quantity please contact your customer representative or request a callback via our query form.

BiTS Connects You With Experts

With a rapidly growing, global team of carefully curated IT and media professionals, BiTS provides your organization access to a wide variety of skill sets.

To find out more please consider speaking with a friendly BiTS consultant or read our Service Profile before making your purchase.
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We Deliver...

Project Coordination and Resource Management

Every support plan connects you with a Resource Manager (RM).

Your RM is a support and implementation specialists who listens to your problem statements or objectives and delegates work to a suitable technical expert from BiTS' global network of experts.

Enterprise support is delivered via email and a project management portal for support plans under 1,000 hours in scope. Plans can be tailored for larger contracts (any combination of phone support, email support, on-site support).

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Cloud Support

Our cloud administration professionals architect, deploy and maintain all kinds of cloud and digital infrastructure.

If your business has cloud-ready needs or requires advanced system architecture to support continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) and hyper-scalability then count on our team's experience in cutting-edge technologies from AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Mesosphere and other industry-leading partners.

Expertise in: Automation with Ansible, GIT, Jenkins, DC/OS, Kubernetes, Docker, Wal-E, REX-Ray, Linux (CentOS, RHEL, Debian) and much more.

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Digital Marketing and Growth

Our experts help you leverage the most powerful strategies and tools in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Content Marketing.

Our marketing professionals also help to conduct market research and strategic plans to help your organization foray into new markets around the world. With deep experience in launching South-East Asian businesses and a wide network of global partners BiTS can help to rapidly scale your business to match your global ambitions.

Expertise in: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, EDM campaign management, content creation and much more.

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Development and Engineering Support

We deliver a wide range of system functionality through free-to-use open source applications. In many cases only light customization of these application is required to meet 100% of your business' IT needs.

If you require technical or functional assistance in getting your business ready then our global network of over 120 ERP implementation professionals are ready to assist.

Expertise in: Techno-functional ERP engineering, Mobile Application development (Native iOS/Android), Organic Intelligence (machine learning for SMEs), web design and much more.

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