Enterprise Software, Evolved

Built With You in Mind

Designed to help your enterprise adopt technology efficiently.

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All Your Data In One Place

We make it possible.

Data fragmentation is costing you money and manpower.

Multiple subscriptions, integrations and providers mean poor data control.

Start your digital transformation.

We help put all the moving parts of your

business into one dynamic platform.

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Native Mobility.

Manage projects, time-sheets, messaging,  
inventory and quotations with 
free mobile apps  
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NO Software License Fees

Open Source, robust foundation for better analytics and reporting.

AGPL and LGPLv3 libraries compatible with BiTS(CE).

Intelligent Accounting

Consolidate transactions, reconcile at lightning speed. Deep integration with sales, inventory and Point of Sales.

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Integrated with sales and e-commerce for huge efficiency gains and better customer insights.

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Project Management

Great for creative and service professionals who work in teams or collaborate with clients.

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Inventory and Warehouse Management

Intelligent double-entry. Move more stock. Hold less stock. 

No more stockouts.

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