Managed Cloud

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Keep Costs Down

Scalable hosting plans mean you pay as little as possible for as long as possible.

Pay to scale only as your business grows.

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Pre-Optimized App Containers     

Choose from dozens of pre-optimized containers or have a BiTS expert craft a comprehensive cloud solution for you.

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Simplified Cloud

BiTS has developed an automated container build, deployment and orchestration system.

All managed hosting customers benefit from low-cost, quick launch services.

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Container Orchestration

We manage and scale cloud infrastructure for you as your needs evolve.

Automated backups and re-deployments provide extra peace of mind.

BiTS builds a managed, distributed cloud on top of infrastructure provided by three leading service providers: AWS, Microsoft and IBM

We also support Private Cloud deployments on virtually any infrastructure. In addition to our preferred partners commonly used vendors  include Alibaba Cloud for customers with deployments in China.

Each Private Cloud deployment is a carefully tailored system and requires careful evaluation of your specific use case, geographic user distributions and other technical requirements. Make an appointment to speak with an expert.

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Cloud security is a multi-dimensional subject.We provide multiple layers of security to keep your data safe

We combine the best infrastructure (by AWS, Microsoft and IBM) with best practice in cloud management

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24/7 Monitoring

We use comprehensive logs and analysis to keep networks optimized, applications running and data secure.

Personalized reporting services are available to Private Cloud customers.

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                    Version Control

Every managed hosting customer gets a dedicated GIT repository to stay in control of what runs on their server.

Our automation processes are great for security, easy to work with for developers and the only way to ensure business continuity in the long-term.

BiTS also delivers tailored enterprise cloud solutions

We architect, deploy and maintain comprehensive private cloud or hybrid infrastructure

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